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ello. I’m Vicki –

certified life coach
contemplative writing facilitator
writer, artist, seeker
wife to Mike
mama to two boys and a doggie
crafter, walker, gardener
lover of analogy and metaphor
creator of popular neighborhood bird, butterfly (and bee!) garden


I’ve been journaling forever, it seems, but my writing has certainly taken on a depth I would never have expected. On top of that, as I’m following my passion and taking classes, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot of journaling techniques I never knew about. The journaling technique here is called SteppingStones. Developed by Dr. Ira Progoff, the SteppingStones technique is basically a list of those moments that, from where we sit today or from a certain perspective, are the significant moments that led up to where we are right now. He suggests you start the list with, “I was born.” So here we go . . .

  1. I was born. Three years younger than my sister. My first house was wow! – about a whole mile away from where I live now.
  2. Married Mike, a.k.a. the Voice of Reason. We’ve grown up together.
  3. meandpepBrought home our first baby, a wild-child we named Pepper. She was my best friend for 15 years.
  4. smallmeandm

  5. Brought home our first human child, a son. A beautiful miracle. Clever. Smart. Funny. Kind.
  6. Had my first panic attack, the beginning of an anxiety explosion like nothing I knew could possibly exist. I’m happy to quote Jerry Maguire when I say, “Break down? . . . Break through.” – You can read more about that here if you’d like.
  7. Brought home our second son, six years after the first. Another beautiful miracle. Amazingly good natured. Sweet. Smiley. Wise.
  8. Had an epiphanous moment in which I realized my passions could, would, become my “work.”
  9. Began to wholeheartedly pursue #8!
  10. Became certified as a life coach. Created a web site. Formed a business.LifeBreakthrough Trained Certification
  11. Began taking art courses. Drawing. Watercolor. Mixed Media.
  12. Summer of Yes! New teachers. Clues coming together harmoniously – Is it coaching? Is it writing? Is it art? Yes, yes, yes.
  13. Began facilitating women’s writing circle. Discovered that journaling, a piece of me, fits in beautifully with all the rest of the clues I’ve been following along after and is especially powerful when shared.
  14. Completed instructor certification for Journal to the Self.

Although I’ve kept a diary since I was a child, my journal keeping has changed significantly as I’ve gotten older and since I realized that they could be so much more than a place to vent and record the events of my life. I have had more epiphanies and ah-ha moments in the pages of my journals than I could ever imagine. I can look back and see specific questions being written, only to be followed by the answer several days later. I am able to see patterns in the way revelation comes to me, and it gives me a peace to know that although sometimes I’m not there yet, I can feel that the answer is on its way.

I feel truly honored to be able to share contemplative writing with other women, knowing what a beautiful, powerful and transformative practice it is.

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