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ello. I’m Vicki –

contemplative writing guide
writer, artist, seeker
wife to Mike
mama to two boys and a doggie
crafter, walker, gardener
lover of analogy and metaphor
creator of popular neighborhood bird, butterfly (and bee!) garden


picture-of-meThat’s me, yep. Right there, sitting in front of my garden . . . But this isn’t about me. It’s about you. It’s about how your life’s experience might be deepened, expanded, awakened and more full. It’s about helping you to process it all, it’s about you being able to settle in with some things in the exact same life that you already have, and yet at the same time, allowing yourself to broaden – it’s about you having the opportunity to feel contentment. It’s about how you can come to a place in your life where you know yourself more fully and you are eager to continue to explore this crazy fabulous experience called life.

Our writing can be oh so much more than a place to vent and record the events of our lives. I want every woman to have the opportunity to feel how empowering this kind of writing is. I have had more epiphanies and ah-ha moments in the pages of my journals than I could ever express. Contemplative writing allows for brilliant clarity, discovering and embracing the real you and honoring your authentic path. As a contemplative writing guide, I get to help women to experience this healing and transformative writing through contemplative writing circles, workshops and a powerful two-part personal writing experience.

Here’s a bit more about me using a journaling technique called SteppingStones. Developed by Dr. Ira Progoff, the SteppingStones technique is basically a list of those moments that, from where we sit today or from a certain perspective, are the significant moments that led up to where we are right now. He suggests you start the list with, “I was born.” So here we go . . .

  1. I was born. Three years younger than my sister. My first house was wow! – about a whole mile away from where I live now.
  2. Married Mike, a.k.a. the Voice of Reason. We’ve grown up together.
  3. meandpepBrought home our first baby, a wild-child we named Pepper. She was my best friend for 15 years.
  4. Brought home our first human child, a son. A beautiful miracle. Clever. Smart. Funny. Kind.
  5. Had my first panic attack, the beginning of an anxiety explosion like nothing I knew could possibly exist. I’m happy to quote Jerry Maguire when I say, “Break down? . . . Break through.” – You can read more about that here if you’d like.
  6. Brought home our second son, six years after the first. Another beautiful miracle. Amazingly good natured. Sweet. Smiley. Wise.
  7. Had an epiphanous moment in which I realized my passions could, would, become my “work.”
  8. Began to wholeheartedly pursue #7!
  9. Became certified as a life coach. Created a web site. Formed a business.LifeBreakthrough Trained Certification
  10. Began immersing myself in art. Drawing. Watercolor. Mixed Media.
  11. Summer of Yes! New teachers. Clues coming together harmoniously – Is it some form of coaching? Is it writing? Is it art? Yes, yes, yes.
  12. Began facilitating women’s writing circles and was amazed by the beauty of this nourishing experience.
  13. After many years of attempts, was finally able to read through and absorb, for the first time, Fr. Richard Rohr‘s book, Everything Belongs, and my whole world opened up.
  14. Discovered the Christian Wisdom tradition, Centering Prayer and practice-based living and continue to follow this lovely path.
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