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There’s this feeling I get sometimes that I have come to think of as the most wonderful clue.

A clue to who I really am.

Here’s what it is, and you may have experienced it before, but you might not have paid too much attention to it or recognized it for what it was. I know I haven’t always.

You begin to do something that you haven’t done in a long time or something you have never done before, and you suddenly find yourself taking a

really deep breath,   [continue reading…]

How often do you have that sense that SOMETHING is right around the corner for you? It’s coming, and you want it, but it is . . . just – beyond your reach. If you can only try a LITTLE harder . . .

Or that making sense of this specific thing, having this ah-ha moment, is on the very, very tip of your brain. It’s almost there, so close you can almost touch it . . . until you can’t, and you realize you can’t get yourself there on your own either.

This summer as I walked and pondered and figured, in the process of creating this site, this business, this new way of life, really, these four little instructions “suddenly” began swirling around me, like voices on the wind, I would receive one of these reminders . . .   [continue reading…]

We all want change, right? Some stuff in our life just doesn’t feel right. We also want to determine what stage we’re at in the process. I don’t want to be the caterpillar. I certainly don’t want to be the chrysalis – ouch. I choose butterfly, thank you very much. Oh, and when do I want change? Yesterday would be good.   [continue reading…]

I watched it happen, right before my eyes – a sense of peace morphing into panic. And all because she had the nerve to say: “I’m okay. I’m good…I really am.”   [continue reading…]

es, yes, yes.

So what if this happens to be the same person whose old self, as in her self of a week or so ago, was a shy introvert who would take an F in school rather than have to speak in class and would literally walk off in the middle of a story if she realized that more than one person was listening to (and looking at – eek!) her at the same time.

Yes – to whole bunches of things designed to take me
straight out of my nice, warm comfy zone.  
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‘m standing in the wings.

for my turn to go on.  
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