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Many people consider their journal to be their friend, their confidant, their therapist, even. There is no question about the power of writing. Add to that an experience of timed writing to specific, tailor-made prompts, along with deep sharing and listening, and that is what you’ll experience through our contemplative writing coaching sessions. During writing circles, I consistently see women surprising themselves with what they’ve put on the page, and I want to be able to allow them to delve more deeply into these pieces, to not move on to the next writing piece and leave this blossoming revelation behind, but to continue working with it. This is the beauty of being able to work together one-on-one.

As a coach, I want to empower and encourage women to truly KNOW themselves, to know who they really are, to have an opportunity to accept themselves as they are, to know how they want to be in this world, to be the most content versions of themselves and to nourish and care for themselves. Contemplative writing helps to do all of these things in a beautiful, healing and transformative way. As with most practices, you’ll know its power once you experience it.

Contemplative writing is like holding a mirror up to yourself.
I call it “The Great Revealer.”

You may not always like what you see, but at least you’re seeing the truth. And after you look at a truth a few times, really take it out and look at it, – you’re coming to know your true self. You are NOTICING, paying attention to your life! Whether what comes up for you is ugly or pretty, it is what needs to come up right now. And come out – onto the page. That’s why it is so healing. Things will come up for you that you didn’t even know were in there. Shocking things. Stunningly breathtakingly beautiful things. This is YOUR voice, and I want you to know YOU. You. Not who the world says that you are. Not your title in life or “what you do.” You. The real you.

People are often surprised when they first experience the power of contemplative writing – it can be astonishing to see what is written on the page, things you never would have expected. When you embrace this practice, you will learn things about yourself that you never realized. You will begin to develop a solid sense of who you are and a comfort with yourself that you didn’t know was possible.

I coach locally and via Skype or Zoom, using guided contemplative writing as our primary tool of exploration. You can take the benefits of contemplative writing and magnify it exponentially with this kind of support.

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