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Many people consider their journal to be their friend, their confidant, even their therapist. There is no question about the power of writing. Add to that an experience of timed writing to specific, tailor-made prompts, along with deep sharing and listening, and that is what you’ll experience through our contemplative writing coaching sessions. During writing circles, I consistently see women surprising themselves with what they’ve put on the page, and I want to be able to allow them to delve more deeply into these pieces, to not move on to the next writing piece and leave this blossoming revelation behind, but to continue working with it. This is the beauty of being able to work together one-on-one.

As a coach, I want to empower and encourage women to truly KNOW themselves, to have an opportunity to accept themselves as they are, to know how they want to be in this world, to be the most content versions of themselves and to nourish and care for themselves. Contemplative writing helps to do all of these things in a beautiful, healing and transformative way. As with most practices, you’ll know its power once you experience it.

The benefits of contemplative writing are magnified exponentially with the kind of support you’ll experience through our coaching time together, your 40 Day Embrace, essentially pressing the reset button for your daily life.

40 Day Embrace
– a powerful two-part personal coaching experience –

What is this all about?
We’ll use guided contemplative writing as our primary tool of exploration and discovery, but we’re not going to stop there. We’ll use the discoveries we make to help you create and follow through with a 40 day practice. Developing, implementing and being held accountable for a practice will allow you to benefit powerfully from your coaching experience. Guided contemplative writing will get you saying, thinking and seeing in ways you haven’t before. As powerful as the guided writing is, I want you to have a true opportunity for real and lasting growth through being very intentional and proactive. Because my desire is for you to come away from our time together in a different place than when we began, this is where the full Embrace comes in.

Why is it called a 40 Day Embrace?
You will be embracing a 40 day practice as a crucial part of this process. That’s no small thing. Accountability is the vital component that will help your Embrace be successful. When you have walked this out and stuck with the coaching, the guided contemplative writing and embracing your practice for 40 days, there is no way for you to not be transformed in some way.

It is also called an Embrace because I want us to take a gentler approach to growth, to get away from the idea that we must WORK harder all the time or that there is something that must be FIXED. Being able to really see yourself from a more gentle perspective and approach life in a new way by incorporating nourishing practices that allow you to become more fully in balance and more in line with your true self, this is what the Embrace is all about. You will be getting to know Authentic You, asking what you need to be able to feel your most contented and then taking it to another, far more intentional level when we develop a 40 day practice that will help you to naturally experience your life differently.

Why 40 days?
Twenty days to break a habit, twenty days to make a new one, they say. Forty days and nights of rain for Noah, forty years in the dessert for the Egyptians, Muhammad was 40 when he met the archangel Gabriel, 40 days between Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. There are too many mystical connections with the number 40 to list, but for our purposes, 21 days is simply not long enough for the depth of experience we are looking for.

What will our time together look like?
You’ll begin writing in our very first meeting together and start to process and evaluate where you currently are. From there, you’ll have a few days to continue this exploration in writing before our next meeting, considering what your 40 day practice might look like, deciding when to begin and preparing. At our next meeting, we will finalize the initial development of your very own specific 40 day practice. We’ll then spend about an hour together each week talking, sharing your journaling, processing your experience and helping you to plan and stay accountable. You will have tailor-made prompts and instructions and a solid intention for your 40 days.

Why is this coaching experience created this way?
I created this experience in this exact way because this is what I wish someone had put together for me. I know exactly how it feels to have an hour with someone, any kind of practitioner, once a week and to then be sent on your merry way to yet again attempt to do it all on your own. It feels lonely. . . still adrift. It feels like staying stuck and dependent and frustrated. I’ve also had the experience of feeling like I simply need some help and support so that I don’t feel like I’m doing this all on my own! I wanted someone to stick with me for a certain amount of time, but I also wanted a CONCRETE, really intentional way of moving forward differently.

I also want to provide women with the opportunity to go even deeper with their writing, to be able to stick with a theme or prompt, to be able to look at it from many angles. I believe the most powerful form of this writing is guided contemplative writing, and I am honored to support women through this experience.

How can I sign up?
I only coach a very small number of women at a time because when I’m coaching you, I want you to feel and to know that you are fully supported the entire time, that we are really working together with a common goal. Please send me a detailed email telling me about yourself, and we’ll go from there. Coaching and guided contemplative writing work beautifully together, with discussion and prompts, you are your own best wisdom.

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