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Little karate kids running down the mat, like a red carpet, as fast as they can, leaping into the air to kick the pad their teacher is holding, trying to knock him off balance.

The kids go through, working their way down the line, laughing as their teacher falls down, exaggerating his movements, flailing through the air.

The kids are thrilled!

Next kiddo up
runs down, kicks the pad.
Her teacher does not go flying.
Not this time.
In a quiet voice, he tells her calmly, gently,

“You didn’t give it all you had.
Go back.
Give it everything you have,
do not hold anything back.”  

Back she goes with a new determination to give it
absolutely everything she has.

Earnestly, her teacher looks right into her eyes and says,

“Knock me off my feet.”

I have to ask myself these questions:
Am I giving it my all?
How am I allowing myself to hold back?
Is there a little, tiny bit of extra effort I can put forth that could possibly make
all the difference in the world?

 In our heart of hearts, can we sometimes hear our Teacher whispering to us:
“Knock Me off My feet.”

Many thanks to Jethro, a truly gifted teacher. I watched our children absolutely bubbling over with joy as he taught them about karate and about life, and even the ability to laugh at themselves. I am so grateful to have known Jethro and his wife, Eden.


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