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One thing I know for sure is this: I would not be who I am without writing. My journals have been an absolute place of revelation for me.

Though I will always appreciate a well-crafted sentence, contemplative writing is interested more in the process than the product. This is a different kind of writing than novel writing or writing for publication or for an audience. It is writing whatever comes off your pen without regard for grammar, neatness, syntax or self censoring of any kind. Sometimes, out of habit more than anything else, conscious thought is involved, but more often there’s simply a sense that you’re writing from a different part of yourself, a wiser part. This allows you to access parts of yourself that you aren’t able to access through speech or thinking alone. It gets you right to the heart of your true self.

Contemplative writing is writing from the heart. It is:
     • surprising • revealing • liberating
     It provides clarity. It allows you to discover your voice and your true self, and amazingly, to come to accept, embrace and love who you really are, just as you are.

How often do you find yourself looking to – the next book, the next doctor, the next friend to say just the right thing – to “fix” what’s up with you? The truth is that you have everything within you already to be whole, peace-filled, fulfilled, flourishing and at ease. You simply need to have the opportunity to access and experience this other reality. You are your own best healer, teacher and wisdom. This kind of writing allows you to access that part of yourself that you can’t get to by thinking alone.

I do guided contemplative writing with small groups and individuals. Contact me if you’d like to get up and running with, or deepen, a contemplative writing practice or if you’d like to work through some coaching. Coaching and guided contemplative writing work beautifully together, with discussion and prompts, you are your own best wisdom.

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