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ello. I’m Vicki –

contemplative writing guide
writer, artist, seeker
wife & mama
crafter, walker, nature lover
creator of popular neighborhood bird, butterfly (and bee!) garden


It’s only taken me twenty years to get to the root cause of what I was told is “anxiety.” I would not be who I am without the healing journey I’ve experienced. It has led me to contemplative practices and a far more intentional way of life. Writing has supported me through all of it and, over the course of filling 40 plus journals, became a revealing practice, a process of unearthing thoughts that were hanging out below the surface without my awareness in order to discover who I am and what I need to live my best experience and walk my authentic path. And once I experienced women’s writing circles, I knew contemplative writing would become a big part of my work in the world. Art and stitching reappeared as a way of expressing epiphanies and transformation in order to share and experience them more fully. I’m hoping what I share supports you on your journey. ♡


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