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ello. I’m Vicki –

contemplative writing guide
writer, artist, seeker
wife & mama
crafter, walker, nature lover
creator of popular neighborhood bird, butterfly (and bee!) garden


As a writing guide, I am honored to help women experience the beautiful, powerful and transformative practice of contemplative writing. Our journals can be so much more than a place to vent and record the events of our lives. I have had more epiphanies and ah-ha moments in the pages of my journals than I could ever express, but it was when I began sharing writing with other women that I fully realized its power. These shared writing experiences offered the opportunity to explore an assortment of techniques which has evolved into what I call guided contemplative writing.

My experience with anxiety led me down a path where I became very interested in the workings of the mind and how it affects the body and our experience of life. My growing fascination with the healing process led me to contemplative practices and a more intentional way of life. Writing supported me through all of it and became a revealing practice, a process of unearthing thoughts that were hanging out below the surface without my awareness in order to discover who I am and what I need to live my best experience and walk my authentic path. And once I experienced women’s writing circles, I knew contemplative writing would become a big part of my work in the world. Art, lettering and stitching reappeared as a way of expressing epiphanies and transformation in order to share and experience them more fully. Watching it all come together continues to be a great adventure. ♡


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