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My preference is usually gentleness. However . . .

Some days you just need a good swift kick in the pants.
Pull yourself up by the bootstraps?
Put on your big girl – you know.
I’m just not a fan of any of these sayings, but . . .

My family loves to watch Speechless each week. The mom, Maya, has this matter-of-fact way about her that appeals to me, plus, it helps quite a lot that she’s charmingly British. So in one episode, someone tells her something that she’s done and she says very frankly, “I don’t care.” For some reason, I found myself saying this, over and over out loud and then

These girls showed up in my art journal.
They were bizarre and were dripping with the usual elements of Resistance: doubt, fear, confusion, excuses, reasoning – you know the routine. And my girls knew just what to say.

Seems like whenever I’m getting going on a new path, the unwanted and very sneaky Resistance appears. Its assignment: stop me in my tracks.

These girls are part of my tribe now, though. They know just how to handle Resistance, so I take my cue from them. You’re welcome to have them join your tribe as well. For those times when Resistance is whispering in your ear, conning you out of what you’re attempting to bring into this world, join me and these girls and say out loud, matter-of-factly (and don’t forget the accent),

“I don’t care.”

Repeat as often as necessary.


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