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When I began embroidering the messages that were showing up for me in my journals, I didn’t realize that slow stitching these words would become such a nourishing practice. At the start of of 2022, I had the idea to create a “thrive wall.” I knew my word of the year, “thrive” was way too big for me if I didn’t have a ton of reminders. Over time, as my thrive wall filled up, I found myself sitting and looking at the messages, and they reminded and encouraged me on my journey as I had hoped they would. I hope they’ll encourage you as well ♡

Here they are, in the order in which they showed up. I thought it was somewhat amusing that after “thrive” showed up, it was quickly followed by a feeling of putting on the breaks a bit. Yes, the eventual goal is to thrive and be vibrant, but that felt a bit pressure packed to me at the time, and the idea of just letting myself be neutral for a bit was enough of a relief for me!



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