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I wonder . . . what DO they hope to achieve,
leaping around at the tippy top of the tallest trees in our yard?

Are they
showing off?
pushing themselves to the very limit of what they are capable of?

Well they certainly aren’t quivering on the ground, or filled with fear up there at the possibility that they’ll leap and plunge to their death. In fact, nothing in them says that this is even a possibility. In their minds it isn’t, and so – in reality it isn’t.

They KNOW they’re up for it.
They were MADE for this exact thing.
They are well-equipped.
They need only make the leap.
The fact that they trust they’ll make the landing
doesn’t come into the equation.
They know . . . when they get to the other side, all will be well.

The obvious answer, of course, is that they’re gathering nuts to bury in silly places in our yard
EVERYTHING in them says that they MUST.

What is everything in YOU saying that YOU must do?
Or else.
Not out of obligation
But out of an innate, deep desire
That’s bursting out of your very spirit.

It is so much a part of you that it feels like it’s pressing from the inside on your skin,
threatening to ooze through your pores,
aching to come out and play.

Will you, like the squirrel, attempt the leap?
Will you
as if there is no other possibility but making the landing?

Will you go to the top,
to the tippy tippy top of that tree,
as high as you can go

Why, though? Why must we force ourselves out of our warm and cozy nests of comfort to make the ascent? We hesitate, we internally whine, we make excuses because – is it really necessary? Can we not be content to be safely on the ground with the other woodland folk?

Wouldn’t we be just as content to wait
for other squirrels to drop food down to us?
To gather acorns off the forest floor?
Other people’s leftovers, the fruits of other people’s work?

That’ll keep you fed.
But it won’t fill you up.

We were born for higher, bigger and better things, and we’ll never, ever ever be satisfied until we ARE who we were born to be.

You are up for it.
You were made for this.
You are well-equipped.
You need only make the leap.

you’ll make the landing,
and when you get to the other side,
all will be well.



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