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es, yes, yes.

So what if this happens to be the same person whose old self, as in her self of a week or so ago, was a shy introvert who would take an F in school rather than have to speak in class and would literally walk off in the middle of a story if she realized that more than one person was listening to (and looking at – eek!) her at the same time.

Yes – to whole bunches of things designed to take me
straight out of my nice, warm comfy zone.  

Interesting experiment, maybe not right for all.

Some yeses that gave me the heebie jeebies, some that worked out, some that gave me the heebie jeebies AND worked out.

All, all, wonderful blessings.

Yes! I will quit my jobs and follow my dreams.

Yes! I will join a writing group and read my writing out loud.

Yes! I will create prayer flags and hang them up outside with prayers on them to blow around and bless the whole world.

Yes! I will come and visit a priory and stay overnight. What is a priory?

Yes! I will join nine women I’ve never met and express myself in authentic movement for an entire 20 minutes while being “witnessed” (!).

Yes! I will drive into the middle of nowhere in a town I’ve never been and meet up with people I’ve never met to take a workshop I know nothing about.

Yes! I will fly to New Mexico twice a year to be part of this incredible school I just learned about (okay, this one didn’t happen, but I DID say yes, so it counts).

to be continued…

which could be terrifying

or thrilling

or both.

I’m getting more and more familiar all the time with the fact that I’m not meant to know how everything’s going to shake out. My Creator will reveal it to me in the right time and in the right way.

My ONLY part is to say


though perhaps with slightly more
discernment than I had this summer. . .




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