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I once had a coach tell me that 95% of the people she works with don’t take action. That figure is simply staggering to me. I’d like to pretend it couldn’t be true, but I know it is.

I always believe, though, that it’s possible to be doing things in a whole different way.

It doesn’t take a lot of paying attention to notice how often we, and the people around us, can be heard saying, “I want to (fill in the blank).” We could start feeling sort of, or COMPLETELY, irritated with hearing ourselves say this same thing over and over and over again, sometimes for years, even decades. It can be disenchanting to think of us all, with these dreams, big and little, bubbling up inside of us, and here we go about our days, stuffing them back down. No, no, you can’t come up, I’m living here, don’t you see. And all those dreams are trying to do is bring you calm, to help you be more of who you really are. 

What is stopping us? Because seriously, it just is not right, is it? It’s actually quite unacceptable. It robs you, it robs me, it robs the world. And it fills me with this very determined feeling I get when all I want to do is get up under someone and give them that boost they need to help them make their dream into reality – give them the support, the encouragement and the CONCRETE help they need so that they can actually DO what they are always talking about doing.

So today I have this question:

What’s on the other side of this dream?
(You know the one.)

Really, I mean it. For as long as you’ve been saying that this is something that you want to do, and you’ve been unintentionally holding yourself back from fulfilling this dream of yours, what’s waiting for you on the other side?

Without meaning to, we’re working hard to hold our dreams at arm’s length, and we don’t even realize that it puts a lot more pressure on us to stuff it down than it actually would to just let the thing see the light of day!

You will be a lot happier when you are
actively pursuing your dream
than when you are avoiding it.

Not knowing what’s on the other side, the unknown, can be a pretty scary place. At least where we are is familiar, and we can quite conveniently use as our forever excuse: I always dreamt of (fill in the blank) but I never did – because I was too busy, because I was helping someone else fulfill their dream, because I didn’t think it was a real possibility, because I didn’t feel worthy, because I was scared of being happy and having the other shoe drop, because I didn’t have enough cash, time, the right degree, connections, talent, energy, skill. It is safe here anyway, if nothing else.

Is it possible that on the other side of this dream there might be. . . another dream . . . even greater possibility . . . a feeling of contentment we haven’t felt before and didn’t believe was possible? Is it worth it to go through the discomfort of moving into and through places we have never been before to discover the answer to our question? It’s certainly not common, when you think about it, but I don’t want to be common. I wasn’t born to be common. And neither were you. We were born to be exceptional!

Darling, I want you to be one of the 5% who DOES take action! Will you discover, at last, how it feels to be on the other side of this dream, to see that you are capable of absolutely anything that you set your mind to, that you are without limit for the simple reason that the One Who created you is without limit.

When we limit ourselves, we limit God.

Because the truth is that sure, we’re not really up to the task, we can’t actually trust ourselves to be capable of something so grand and seemingly impossible. Aren’t we just the absolute luckiest to not be in this alone!? We have a Helper, and we CAN trust our Creator, and


we ARE capable of anything.

Listen up as you go around your daily life and start to notice how many people (yourself included) you hear saying, “I want to this” or “I want to that.” You might have the urge to say to a perfect stranger, “Then you should do that!”

That thing you KNOW, deep down? That thing you know wants to burst through and become reality?

You should do that.


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