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There have been many times during writing circles when I have wanted to be able to continue helping a woman work through what is coming up for her in her writing. I consistently see women surprising themselves with what they’ve put on the page, and I want to be able to allow them to delve more deeply into these pieces, to not move on too quickly to the next writing prompt and leave this blossoming revelation behind, but to continue working with it. This has been the inspiration for putting together this guided writing experience. The benefits of contemplative writing are magnified exponentially with the kind of support you’ll experience through our time together, which I call your:

40 Day Embrace
a powerful two-part personal writing experience

– Guided Contemplative Writing –The first part of this experience is the writing piece. We’ll use guided contemplative writing as our primary tool of exploration and discovery. During our weekly conversations, I’ll lead you through this writing with specific, tailor-made prompts along with deep sharing and listening. As you share, I will be providing you with opportunities to go even deeper with your writing, to be able to stick with a theme or prompt and to be able to look at it from many angles. Guided contemplative writing will get you saying, thinking and seeing in ways you haven’t before.

– Your 40 Day Practice –

As powerful as the guided writing is, I want you to have a true opportunity for real and lasting growth through being very intentional and proactive. Because my desire is for you to come away from our time together in a different place than when we began, this is where the second part of the Embrace comes in. You will use the discoveries you make through your writing and in our time together to help you create and follow through with a 40 day practice. Developing, implementing and being held accountable for a practice will allow you to benefit powerfully from this experience.

How We’ll Work TogetherYou’ll begin writing in our very first meeting together and start to process and evaluate where you currently are. From there, you’ll have a few days to continue this exploration in writing before our next meeting, considering what your 40 day practice might look like, deciding when to begin and preparing. At our next meeting, we will finalize the initial development of your very own specific 40 day practice. We’ll then spend about an hour together each week talking, sharing your journaling, processing your experience and helping you to plan and stay accountable. You will have tailor-made prompts and instructions and a solid intention for your 40 days.

Why “Embrace”?I call this process an Embrace because I want us to take a gentler approach to growth, to get away from the idea that we must WORK harder all the time or that there is something that must be FIXED. Being able to really see yourself from a more gentle perspective and approach life in a new way by incorporating nourishing practices that allow you to become more fully in balance and more in line with your true self is what the Embrace is all about. You will be getting to know Authentic You, asking what you need to be able to feel your most contented and then taking it to another, far more intentional level when we develop a 40 day practice that will help you to naturally experience your life differently. When you have walked this out and stuck with this process – the guided contemplative writing and embracing your practice for 40 days, there is no way for you to not be transformed in some way.

I only work with a very small number of women at a time because when I’m working with you, I want you to know that you are fully supported the entire time, that we are really working together with a common goal. For this reason, availability opens up every 40 days or so. Please send me a detailed email telling me about yourself, and we’ll arrange a time to meet on line or in person.

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