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Many women consider their journal to be their friend, their confidante, even their therapist. There is no question about the power of writing. Add to that an experience of timed writing to specific, tailor-made prompts, along with deep sharing and listening, and that is what you’ll experience through our contemplative writing sessions.

There have been many times during writing circles when I have wanted to be able to continue helping a woman work through what is coming up for her in her writing. I consistently see women surprising themselves with what they’ve put on the page, and I want to be able to allow them to delve more deeply into these pieces, to not move on too quickly to the next writing prompt and leave this blossoming revelation behind, but to continue working with it. The benefits of contemplative writing are magnified exponentially with the kind of support you’ll experience during our time together.

I have seen how powerful guided contemplative writing is and seen that it has the power to provide a level of clarity that isn’t able to be accessed through speech or thinking alone, and I believe that knowing yourself truly does create freedom.

There is freedom in clarity!

As a contemplative writing guide, I want to empower and encourage women to truly KNOW themselves, to have an opportunity to accept themselves as they are, to know how they want to be in this world, to be the most content versions of themselves and to nourish and care for themselves. Contemplative writing helps to do all of these things in a beautiful, healing and transformative way. As with most practices, you’ll know its power once you experience it.

At the end of the day, I believe what we’re all wishing to feel in our lives is peace. Calm. Comfortable with who we are and our place in this world.

And this is what I want for you, too. My intention is to support and encourage you on your journey, during the times of growth and during the times of waiting, as you are moving forward and doing, as well as the times when you are settling in and simply being.

I want to help you to discover
the truth of who you really are and
how you can live contentedly in this world.

  • grow into your emotional, spiritual, personal and professional truth and best life
  • see the wondrous, exquisite possibilities in your life
  • understand and believe that you, and your life, are truly unlimited
  • grow into the person you were born to be
  • wake up feeling encouraged, hopeful & excited to see what your day may bring
  • discover and accomplish your dreams
  • feel as if your life is flowing with effortless ease
  • create habits that set you up for success
  • move beyond self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • generate forward momentum & get un-stuck
  • have a sense of peace, calm and contentment in your everyday life
  • discover, nourish and honor who you really are
  • express yourself creatively, learning what that means for you, and come to a place where you feel fulfilled
  • settle in and become comfortable with your own voice and your own presence
  • enjoy the life you’re living WHILE making your dreams come true
  • be the best possible version of yourself

Wherever you are right now is the absolute
perfect place from which to begin.
As we walk together over the course of five weeks, we are going to explore a contemplative communication practice together. We will not rush or try to force anything. We’re going to get more comfortable with communicating through the pauses between our words. Sometimes we will challenge ourselves to sit comfortably in the shared silence between us and listen – this creates a space that is very healing and very calming and where answers appear where there didn’t appear to be any before.

Guided Contemplative WritingWe’ll use guided contemplative writing as our primary tool of exploration and discovery. During our weekly conversations, I’ll lead you through this writing with specific, tailor-made prompts along with deep sharing and listening. As you share, I will be providing you with opportunities to go even deeper with your writing, to be able to stick with a theme or prompt and to be able to look at it from many angles. Guided contemplative writing will get you saying, thinking and seeing in ways you haven’t before.

How We’ll Work TogetherYou’ll begin writing in our very first meeting together and start to process and evaluate where you currently are. We’ll then spend about an hour together each week talking, writing and sharing, processing your experience and helping you to plan and stay accountable with any practices you would like to pursue.

5 weeks (6 sessions plus tailor-made prompts) $520

If you’d like to get together for a brief introductory conversation to determine whether we connect and are a good fit for each other, please fill out this form to begin.

Other opportunities for
exploring guided contemplative writing:


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